About Us

JS Hair was founded in 2014 by me - Joseph Shinosky - a hairstylist from Warren, Ohio with over 30 years of experience behind the chair.  I grew frustrated with the ever inflating prices of premium salon products-  so I set out on a mission to create my own.  I used my 32 years of working with hair as a foundation to create a line of products that focused on building strength and health in the hair utilizing the latest, highest quality ingredients, but at a more reasonable cost to consumers.  I did all of my own research and development, educating myself in hair product chemistry and making note of the differences in cheap drugstore brands and the superior ingredients found in premium salon brands.  I initially spent well over a year creating, testing and tweaking dozens of formulas for each product and in the process developed a protein complex exclusive to JS Hair I call "Illumine-8 "- a proprietary blend of eight different proteins that work inside and outside of the hair strand to help build strength, elasticity and shine.  The result is an exceptional line of products that your hair will love.  My research and development has been ongoing since my initial launch to continually improve my current formulas and work on developing new ones.

Made in the USA

Tested only on humans