What is Illumine-8 Complex?

Illumine-8 Complex is a proprietary blend of 8 different hydrolyzed proteins* of varying molecular weights and amino acid profiles.  Some penetrating the cortex of the hair and others binding to the hair shaft.  All working in synergy to help:  Restore Damaged Areas;  Increase Strength &  Elasticity;  Reduce Frizz;  Maximize Color Retention & Shine; and Prevent Breakage & Split Ends.

* - Keratin:  Tried and true;  Builds strength and elasticity;  Reduces breakage;  Protects from chemical damage.

Baobab: It's been called the "anti-aging" protein for the hair;  Improves manageability;  Increases strength and elasticity;  Protects from UV stress and heat;  Acts like a silicone for shinier, smoother hair.

- Quinoa:  Maximizes Hair Color Retention; Forms a protective barrier against environmental stress;  Detangles;  Improves shine;  Retains moisture.

- Oat:  Softens and smooths;  Improves shine;  Reduces breakage;  Ant-Frizz.

- Jojoba:  Forms a hygroscopic film on the hair to retain moisture;  Great conditioning for damaged hair.

- Rice:  Binds to damaged areas for excellent conditioning;  Provides abrasion resistance for superior dry combing.  Adds volume and natural highlights.

- Soy:  Increases moisture retention; Improves manageability; Increases body and shine.

- Collagen:  Forms a protective barrier on the hair shaft;  Good conditioning properties for damaged hair.